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Rowen Beaudoin-Colegrove, LMFT



Relationship Therapy

I have found that relational therapy can be one of the most rewarding forms of treatment for clients.  In examining the patterns that folks engage in with their partner/s or family members, I have noticed that people can learn more about themselves.  I use creativity, sense of humor, and psychodynamic approaches to support partners in living their preferences.  I pull from Internal Family Systems and Emotionally Focused Therapy models in relationship work.


Eating Disorder Treatment

My practice is growing to include treatment of eating disorders.  While I am new to this community, I am passionate about treating EDs from a Health at Every Size perspective.  I practice from a fat-liberation framework, and I believe in making unique space for fat bodies. I treat eating disorders using Internal Family Systems methods and drawing from the family systems approaches I have been immersed in for years.  

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

I am a queer and transmasculine identified family therapist practicing in Massachusetts. I also provide coaching in Oregon and other states.  I am most passionate about family systems work, having trained at the University of Massachusetts in marriage and family therapy. I support people best when approaching treatment through the lens of the systems they are a part of. I believe that the interactions that we have with others influence the ways we move through the world.  In my practice, I work primarily with young adults and adults, specializing in family systems and intimate partner work, especially with LGBTQ+ families. I support families through difficult life transitions, painful relational challenges, and turbulent cycles of communication. Additionally, I do work with folks who have eating disorders (ED).  I use a Health at Every Size approach to support people in ED treatment. I am a fat liberationist, a proud member of the fat community, and a firm believer that recovery is possible and diet culture devours us all. Currently I provide individual, intimate partner, family, and occasional play therapy for children.

About me

I believe that therapy is social justice work. I think the systems we are a part of greatly influence the opportunities we have to be well, have access to good therapy, and pursue our greatest lives. I'm a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community as a queer and transgender man and a father of a known-donor conceived baby. I have extensive knowledge of the spiritual trauma that many queer and trans people experience, and I have expertise in supporting clients who are going through these experiences. I actively support the Black Lives Matter movement through following and participating in it. I am an active supporter of fat liberation, the health at every size movement, and helping fat people to access the services they need and deserve.

"The touchstone for family life is still the legendary 'and so they were married and lived happily ever after.' It is no wonder that any family falls short of this ideal."


-Salvador Minuchin

We need to see ourselves as basic miracles. 

Virginia Satir

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